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You’re leading diversity and inclusion initiatives, enabling your community to respond to local environmental issues, or reimagining healthcare with new technology. 

You’re providing funding, support or policy for emergent ideas, increasing access to innovative ways of working, or building communities and networks for knowledge sharing and experimentation.

You’re super experienced, or you’re just starting out, changing systems in any field across the public, private or third sectors. You’re a cross-functional super-connector joining the dots, or you’re a specialist creating knowledge in a niche. You have a big public profile, or you’re working behind the scenes.

What unites all of you is your courage to examine and evolve yourselves as agents of change.

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Being a System Changer asks for your constant growth; it’s one of the things you love most about it.

I write at least once a month, sharing interviews with System Changers, their ambitious projects to change the world, and their approach to personal growth. I include insights on what’s in their toolkit, what’s holding them back, what gives them energy, and so much more.

I also share useful resources, tools and insights from my work as a coach.

I love to highlight live projects, campaigns and opportunities, so please let me know if you’re working on something you’d like me to share with this community.

To do this work with integrity, I have to walk the walk. Now and again I share reflections on my journey and what I’m learning about changing systems in my work and life more broadly.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Gen! I coach people who drive systemic change.

My clients are filmmakers, tech founders, charity leaders, whistleblowers, VCs, service designers, therapists and coaches. They’re increasing access to funding for underrepresented founders, lobbying government for legislative change to support women’s rights, and raising capital to fuel food security and sustainable agriculture, to name a few.

Prior to coaching I worked as a strategist, service designer and people practitioner in advertising, early stage tech, philanthropy and venture capital. Studying the relationships between the human and natural worlds at university gave me my first taste of systems thinking and this has shaped my mindset ever since. I have a first class degree in geography from the University of Oxford.

The desire to make an extraordinary impact, whilst cultivating a rich, spacious and joyful life, is what brings my clients to coaching. That’s what I'm aiming for too. I live by the sea just south of Lisbon with my husband and our two dogs. I'm a lifelong learner, committed to continuing my growth alongside the people I support.

You can learn more about my coaching here.

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Genevieve Nathwani

I coach ambitious, visionary people who lead systemic change. I'm British and I'm based just outside Lisbon, Portugal. www.genevievenathwani.com